Leroy Soeterboek

Copywriter, marketer, strategist, cook, climber, project manager

In no particular order.


A little about me

I’ve been conjuring up arguments to make people buy things since I learnt Santa wasn’t real.

Since I was ten years old, I’ve been trying to use rhetoric and wit to wiggle my way in and out of situations good and bad.

I love to change people’s minds and persuade them to do something they might not have, whether to eat something new or buy a product they were unsure of.

This is why I wanted to be a chef and also why I like working in property marketing. The former because changing a person’s mind about a food or ingredient is incredibly satisfying. The latter to help people navigate the uncertainty of the biggest purchase of their life.

Maybe I am naive or idealistic, but I believe most problems can be solved by the right strong of words (or characters). If we can change the behaviour, we can probably fix the problem.


“Don’t worry.

No one else knows what they’re doing either.”

Myles Bateman, Birthday Card (2019)